Car Consignment




We’ll sell your vehicle for you at the best possible retail price without the hassles of a private sale.  No more ridiculous low offers or time wasters.


Here at All Choice Motor Vehicles we offer you our services to obtain the best possible result when selling your vehicle. Why trade or sell your vehicle for wholesale when we can get you retail price? We will take care of every detail to professionally market your vehicle and our promise to you is if we don’t sell it we won’t charge any commission.


What we can do for you:


  1. Premises: We have main road frontage, in a high traffic area with great exposure and security.
  1. Advertising: Unlike most other dealers who will charge you – we will pay for all advertising costs relating to the sale of your vehicle. Nor do we charge any upkeep fees.
  1. Finance & Warranties: We can organise finance and warranties for potential buyers and provide all the advantages of buying from a licensed motor dealer.  A 12 month Grand Warranty will be included with the sale of your vehicle.
  1. Trade-Ins: Many customers have trades and therefore do not usually enquire on private sales. We can increase the number of potential buyers for your vehicle by offering them the choice of selling or consigning their trades to us.
  1. Reconditioning: We can arrange safety inspections, repairs, detailing or anything else necessary to ensure you the best possible presentation of your vehicle. We will also maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle displaying it in the best possible manner at all times.  Any costs incurred will be at a discounted trade price and subject to vendor approval.
  1. Paperwork: We will attend to all necessary paperwork relating to the sale of your vehicle.  Contracts, finance payouts if applicable, PPSR search (clear title), warranties, transfer of registration.


Come in and see us today at All Choice Motor Vehicles and we can make selling your vehicle a very simple process. We will save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. Relax, your vehicle is in good hands and we are working for you.

Kerri & Anthony – All Choice Motor Vehicles